About Us

Founded from a need to better organize equine tack not only in the in the barn but also on the road; Best Barn Solutions is committed to providing innovative, affordable, and most importantly durable products to the equine industry. Leveraging high strength steel and fabricated in the heart of small town USA our products are built for the long haul. Leave bowing and bending wire applications behind - its our goal to provide a unbeatable customer service coupled with a lasting product to back it up. We are so excited you have visited our site, don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you! 

BBS - Matt 

The BBS ModTack System was designed as a seamless way to store and organize your tack, whether it be on the road, at the show, or at home in your barn. We know how hard horse people work, so why not have a system that works with you and not against you? Take a look around our site to see which products might work best for you!

Meet the Team: 

Stemming from our families primary business of fabricating large steel components for the flooring industry, coming from decades of experience we designed Best Barn Solutions products to meet and exceed the trials of the barns.

Teri Pankau, Founder - The inspiration behind Behind Best Barn Solutions. Before we bring any product to market it has to go through Teri first. In her own barn and through a trusted network of trainers, Teri tests our products under extreme conditions to ensure perfect functionality and durability. 

Matt Pankau, President - No stranger to the show circuit having grown up in a western pleasure riding family. Understanding the demands of horse care from a very young age, Matt started Best Barn Solutions with a strong understanding to offer not only sleek products that enhance any tack room but a product line that reflects the quality and high expectations of the industry. 



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