Our Approach

The BBS System is our unique approach to tack organization. We believe in simple yet functional high strength products that create lasting functionality in the barn and on the road. While there are many great products in the market, we believe none offer equal durability and inventiveness designed specifically to meet the needs of a special and particular industry. 

Our product line is centered on our one of a kind frame based design, the Best Barn Solutions Frame (available in various sizes) is the back bone that all of our products are hung from. 

Hang your frame freely over a stall wall at the show or in the barn using the BBS Hook , or use pre-drilled holes to affix to a secured wall for a more permanent solution.

Our commitment to a hand made welded solid frame design means little to no hardware and zero moving pieces; simple and strong means lasting and relentless to us. A hand applied powder coat finish yields stoic color and protection against corrosion. 

Once in place mix and match any of our BBS attachments to truly customize the frame tiers to meet your tack needs. 

  • Saddle Rack Arm
  • Saddle Pad/Other 
  • More attachments coming soon! 

When ready to hit the road or move your tack, roll up our Showtime Saddle Cart, all of your frame attachment easily mount on your cart securely for a seamless tack solution on the go and for all occasions. 

The BBS ModTack System was designed for a seamless way to store and organize your tack, whether it be on the road, at shows or at home in the barn. We know how hard horse people work, so why not have a system that works with you and not against you? Take a look around our site to see which products might work best for you! 

Questions? Give us a shout! Thanks for checking us out,